Bromic Industrial Jet Torch Kit

Bromic Industrial Jet Torch Kit

BernzOmatic - 7-in-1 Micro Torch and Soldering Iron Kit

Refillable butane micro torch and soldering iron kit with everything needed for detailed work including electrical soldering and jewelry repair. Features an electric ignition, integrated stand, flame lock and flame adjustment to fine tune the tip temperature for various uses.
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Designed for precision work including detailed electrical soldering and jewelry repair. The 7-in-1 pencil flame micro torch and soldering iron features seven interchangeable settings: micro torch, hot air blower, fine solder, large solder, round, chisel point and heat shrink. Flame adjustment allows for a fine-tuned precision flame, electric ignition makes lighting easy and continuous flame lock keeps the torch lit while in use.    

  • Kit includes ST1000 Micro Torch with seven interchangeable settings, cleaning sponge, 0.6 oz. electrical solder and storage case
  • Torch not available seperately
  • Convenient ignition switch
  • For use with butane fuel, such as the Bernzomatic 5.5 oz. Butane Cylinder
  • Refillable for convenience (BF55)
  • Pinpoint flame for detailed work
  • Flame adjustment to easily size flame for different applications
  • Continuous flame lock keeps torch lit
  • Aluminum corrosion-resistant grip
  • Fuel level viewing window lets the user see when fuel is low
  • CPSC approved child resistant ignition


More Information
Application Entire House
For use with Butane
Barcode N/A
Pack Quantity 7
Retail Packaging Yes
Interchangeable Burners Yes
Flame Lock No
Flame Adjustment No
Cylinder Capacity (grams) N/A
Kit Includes 7 Items